Deep Work is a distributed product design studio that helps highly technical teams move to product market fit, faster. Our principles:  

People First

Deep Work is built with everyone’s health put first. Only if we prioritise mind and body (mental health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, nature, community) can you, our team and network perform to our best.

Collaboration Second

We believe that in the future organisations will need to use a combination of hierarchical and cooperative structures. We use innovative processes and tools to optimise for enjoyable work and high-end creative output.

Founding Team
Andrej Berlin
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Charlie Ellington
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Working at Deep Work
Deep Work provides radically better design for technical teams and founders. Our client engagements run in Hypersprints – efficient and enjoyable combinations of workshop sessions, prototype design and user testing.

For each client or project, we put together the best possible team like a Hollywood production studio. Everyone turns up, completes their specific job to a high standard specific to their skillset, then moves onto the next project (inside or outside Deep Work).

Deep Work is self-funded. We’re two founders, previously freelancers, who built Deep Work from scratch with our own resources and work. We’re eager to grow and work with a network of design freelancers and workshop facilitators, always making sure we can all influence the direction of Deep Work together.

Open Roles and Joining The Team

Workshop Facilitators

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UX, UI and Product Designers

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User Researchers

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Why Join Deep Work? 
Deep Work is self-funded.

We’re two founders and a community, who built Deep Work from scratch, with no external investment. This allows Deep Work to be highly flexible and make strategic decisions together with you.


Focus on Deep Work

We’re continuously iterating to find the most enjoyable ways of working. We aim to provide the security and stability of a full-time job with the flexibility and personal freedom of freelancing. In addition, we constantly try to remove or automate shallow work, so the work is always outcome oriented, highly efficient and focused on what you love doing.


Cutting-edge tech projects

We work on projects that are interesting, grow us personally and contribute to a brighter future. We currently work with highly experienced technical founding teams to create new products that haven’t existed before. Every single project offers an endless amount of creative opportunities and because of our short turnaround rate you learn a lot, very fast.



Deep Work is like a cooperative.

We use digital tools to organise our network of freelancers in novel ways. As an open and inclusive community we design new products together, learn from each other and make decentralised decisions to evolve. In the future, this will be rewarded in shared ownership through a Deep Work token.


Remote and short working days

Our working days don’t last longer than 4-5 hours and we prioritise personal health to make sure we can work to our best performance. We constantly improve ourselves, each other and optimise for quality of life. You can work from wherever you want as long as you have a stable internet connection and a computer with a camera.


Unique Community

You will work with very sharp product designers, facilitators, user researchers and highly intelligent technical innovators. There is always potential for personal projects and collaborations, which Deep Work funds on a monthly basis. Our clients are also our friends and relationships can be long-lasting and always mutually beneficial.


Talks, Workshops and Podcast appearances


DeFi Summit – Remote Design Sprints for faster product innovation

DevCon V: Osaka – Product design for distributed tech teams


ETHCC 2020 – Interactive Design Thinking experience

GitCoin KERNEL – Product design, User Testing and remote workshops – Workshop notes →

Remotely Interesting Podcast – Watch episode →

Boardle.io PodcastWatch episode →

GitCoin + FileCoin APOLLO – Product design, User Testing and remote workshops – Workshop notes →


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Shifting to remote work has been turbocharged, will you be a winner or a loser?

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The future of crowd sourced global problem solving

On February 19th we ran an experiment — what if we guide several teams at the same time through Deep Work Sprints, with each time working on a similar problem? In the following I will describe how we did it, what the results look like and how we can scale Deep Work Sprints into infinity, thus creating a structure for solving very high-stake problems in a short amount of time with very little resources.

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How to prototype anything in one day

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