Health First

Deep Work is built with everyone’s health put first. Only if we prioritise mind and body (mental health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, nature, community) can you, our team and network perform to our best.

Collaboration Second

We believe that in the future organisations will need to use a combination of hierarchical and cooperative structures. AI and Blockchain automate necessary tasks and enable us to only do the work we find meaningful.

These are the two pillars of Deep Work – it’s a mix of a company and a cooperative that looks after each other. The core team does the hard work related to business development and our community contributes to the mission with their respective skillsets – where and when they feel necessary.


Andrej Ktitarev

Creative Technologist  

Charlie Ellington

Creative Technologist  


Malcolm Cannon

Rob Hamblen

Bruno Dias

Georgia Rakusen

Philipp Strauch

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