Case Studies

Core work
Teams and companies we inspired with process innovation. 

Ethereum Foundation
Ethereum is a product built and designed by thousands of developers, entrepreneurs and contributors. We facilitated distributed collaborative workshops to help the community align on identity, product and communication strategy.


“Deep Work allows CodeFi Networks to rapidly release new products disrupting and improving the DeFi ecosystem.”
– Collin Myers, ConsenSys

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We don’t work like a traditional agency or freelancer. We deliver better outcomes and take less time because:

Your technical and domain experts design

Far superior to a designer or agency trying to understand your technical problems.

You get market data before development

User and market data gives confidence to implement our designs once and launch faster.

No briefs, no bullshit, less work

Removing unnecessary meetings, “discovery calls” and endless tedious feedback rounds.

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Start ups and projects

Teams and start-ups we helped with product innovation

Ethereum 2.0
As the Ethereum blockchain matures, it needs well-designed interfaces for users, validators and node operators to interact with. We designed the Eth2 Deposit Launchpad to reach high conversion rates and guarantee safety during financial transactions. 

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Experienced investors can create public or private investment pools for synthetix assets. We conducted user research on the live version of the product, and together improved the user experience.

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The team behind Fluence is building a decentralised cloud service, enabling developers not only cheaper cloud storage, but building entire applications which can be run on the fluence network. We designed and tested the prototype from scratch.

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Ramp Instant

Deepwork’s sprint offers shortest design cycle available on the market. Charlie and his team are masters of communication, so working with them is not only very effective, but also a real pleasure.”

Szymon Sypniewicz, Founder of Ramp  

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Hummingbot Miner Application
“Deep Work made us rethink fundamental user interaction and product-market fit in a series of remote workshops that were simple, fun and highly engaging.”

Michael Feng, Founder of Hummingbot  

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Hummingbot Website
It’s been incredible working with Deep Work. As a small, highly technical team, we found that because Deep Work was able to own all the design, UI/UX, it allowed us to concentrate on where our strengths lie.”

Michael Feng, Founder of Hummingbot  

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Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual created a decentralised insurance mutual. The team have since hit product market fit for smart contract cover. We’ve worked with them on user experience, interface and protocol design since 2018. Most recently on the staking interface. 

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The pharmaceutical industry is geared towards maintaining outdated medicine, pushes doctors towards quick solutions and blocks new innovative research. We helped the team behind Molecule to solve this massive problem using software. 

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Visual design, brand and communications strategy with the team at Wyre. 

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Further clients and experience