Projects & Case Studies

Core work

Teams and companies we inspired with process innovation. 

Ethereum Foundation | Communications Strategy

Ethereum is a product built and designed by thousands of developers, entrepreneurs and contributors. We facilitated distributed collaborative workshops to help the community align on identity, product and communication strategy.

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ConsenSys | Product Design

“Deep Work allows CodeFi Networks to rapidly release new products disrupting and improving the DeFi ecosystem.”
– Collin Myers, ConsenSys

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Ethereum 2.0 | Product, UI and UX Design

As the Ethereum blockchain matures, it needs well-designed interfaces for users, validators and node operators to interact with. We designed the Eth2 Deposit Launchpad to reach high conversion rates and guarantee safety during financial transactions. 

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dHedge | Product and UX Design
Experienced investors can create public or private investment pools for synthetix assets. We conducted user research on the live version of the product, and together improved the user experience.

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We don’t work like a traditional agency or freelancer. We deliver better outcomes and take less time because:

Your technical and domain experts design

Far superior to a designer or agency trying to understand your technical problems.

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Removing unnecessary meetings, “discovery calls” and endless tedious feedback rounds.

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Start-ups and projects

Teams and start-ups we’re helping with product innovation

Minterest | Branding and Product Design

Project confirmed – Client Website

ETHA Lend | Product Design

Project confirmed – Client Website

AllianceBlock | Product, UI and UX Design

Project confirmed – Client Website

Events | Brand and Website Design

Project confirmed – Client Website

Covalent | Brand and Website Design

Designing the website of a platform that provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

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Beefy Finance | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the website of a DeFi Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their holdings.


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Metafactory | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the mobile site for a crowdfunding platform for the creation of community-owned brands with an initial focus on fashion/apparel.

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Everest | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the website of a registry of crypto projects.

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SourceCred | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the website for a tool for communities to measure and reward value creation.

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Liquity | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the landing page, borrower user journey and staking interface.

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Niftex | Product and UX Design

Fractional NFT upload, display and marketplace.
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Emrit | Product and UX Design

Mobile dashboard app for managing the Emrit Coolspot (built on top of the Helium network) and purchasing IoT devices.
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Maple Finance | Product and UX Design

Institutional loans using a decentralised marketplace and convictional voting.
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Acala | Brand Refresh and Communications Design

Re-branding the landing page of the all-in-one DeFi hub of Polkadot.

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Pancake Swap | Product and UX Design

UX improvements and gamification of DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Arbitrum | Website and Communications Design

Designing a website experience to build community and onboard users. 

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Skillz | Product and UX Design

Blockchain-as-a-Service by staking money to run nodes.

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PlotX | Product and UX Design

Designing New Feature’s and Improving the User Experience 

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Hummingbot | Website and Communications Design

Our goal was to update the user journey for Hummingbot to gain more traction and focus on the project’s community efforts. 

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Fluence | Product, UI and UX Design

The team behind Fluence is building a decentralised cloud service, enabling developers not only cheaper cloud storage, but building entire applications which can be run on the fluence network. We designed and tested the prototype from scratch.

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DerivaDex | Product, UI and UX Design

DerivaDex is building the future of trading – a community-governed derivatives exchange that unites performance and autonomy. 

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Nexus Mutual | Product Design

Designing a user-friendly interface for staking against smart contracts. Before Deep Work existed, Deep Work co-founder Charlie was part of the core team taking the Nexus Mutual from concept to launch. 

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Hummingbot Miner | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the first ever liquidity mining platform with Hummingbot. 

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Kelly Klee | Insurance Onboarding (non-web3)

Creating a premium insurance onboarding experience and product. 

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Kelly Klee | Mobile App Product Design

Creating and validating a mobile app for an insurance company targeted at high-net worth individuals.  

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Ramp | UX Design

Deepwork’s sprint offers shortest design cycle available on the market. Charlie and his team are masters of communication, so working with them is not only very effective, but also a real pleasure.” Szymon Sypniewicz, Founder of Ramp  

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ConsenSys and Ethereum | Product Design

Calculating investment returns for eth2.0 with ConsenSys and the Ethereum Foundation.

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ConsenSys and Skale | Product, UI and UX Design

Designing the Activate platform with ConsenSys, CodeFi and Skale.  

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Pillar Wallet | Product Design

Multi-Identity contact management and privacy wallet.

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Hummingbot | GUI Design

An interface for Decentralized Market Making with Hummingbot.  

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Molecule | Product Design

The pharmaceutical industry is geared towards maintaining outdated medicine, pushes doctors towards quick solutions and blocks new innovative research. We helped the team behind Molecule to solve this massive problem using software. 

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Wyre | Communications Refresh

Visual design, brand and communications strategy with the team at Wyre. 

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