Case Studies

Core Work

Teams and companies we inspired with process innovation. 

Ethereum 2.0


When you start your computer you press a power button to get electricity to flow through its internal circuits. The power button of the world computer is an interface, that will help you become part of the circuitry. Here is how it will look and generate money for you in the future.

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“Deep Work allows CodeFi Networks to rapidly release new products disrupting and improving the DeFi ecosystem.”
– Collin Myers, ConsenSys

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Further Clients and Experience 

Start Ups and Projects

Teams and start-ups we helped with product innovation

Ramp Instant


Ramp won the Best UX in DeFi at Devcon 5. 

Deepwork’s sprint offers shortest design cycle available on the market. Charlie and his team are masters of communication, so working with them is not only very effective, but also a real pleasure.”

Szymon Sypniewicz, Founder of Ramp  

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Hummingbot Miner Application


“Deep Work made us rethink fundamental user interaction and product-market fit in a series of remote workshops that were simple, fun and highly engaging.”

Michael Feng, Founder of Hummingbot  

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Hummingbot Website


It’s been incredible working with Deep Work. As a small, highly technical team, we found that because Deep Work was able to own all the design, UI/UX, it allowed us to concentrate on back-end and data engineering, where our strengths lie.”

Michael Feng, Founder of Hummingbot  

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The pharmaceutical industry is geared towards maintaining outdated medicine, pushes doctors towards quick solutions and blocks new innovative research. We help the team behind Molecule to solve this massive problem using software. 

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Visual design, brand and communications strategy with the team at Wyre. 

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