UX Design
5 Days
Working files
User Feedback 1 User testing report before redesign
Collaborative Whiteboard Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Feedback 2 User feedback report and evaluation



Malcolm Cannon  
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Product Designer
Andrej Berlin
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Product Designer
Charlie Ellington
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User Researcher
Georgia Rakusen
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Ermin Nurovic


Henrik Andersson


Radek Ostrowski


Design Process

Design Challenges

1. How Might We make one clear user journey so it’s obvious where to go at each stage?
  • The design successfully supports the user at understanding the different stages of investing. The steps seem logical, there are no major surprises, and they can move easily from one step to the next.

        • The table worked well for users when comparing different pools to join
        • Once users visited a Pool page, the amount of information was greatly appreciated.
        • The clear CTA to Invest was unambiguous
        • The progress status indicator at the top of the page was helpful for setting expectations.
          • “I feel really good about this, I feel very informed and empowered when I make a decision, with all the information displayed in neat tables and dashboards.” (User C)
          • “A lot of the navigation was pretty good. Most of what I clicked on and saw did what I expected it to do.” (User A)
    2. How might we add more info about traders?
    • Once users visited a Pool page, the amount of information was greatly appreciated. The level of detail about Traders supports the user in making a decision between traders, and also makes them more likely to invest in one. The most important information (pool value and performance) were easy to find. Users really like seeing Ether performance compared to Pool performance. Though the function was not available in the prototype, users would click to see more info about the Pool under About, Stats and Composition.

      • “What stops me using SET protocol more often… it does come down to the reputation and trust of the active manager. Are these people effectively guessing? Or doing some weird version of TA that’s fake? There is doubt.” (User D)
      • User B also talked about Covest, praising that it has anonymous traders as this suited the crypto community – but this user had not yet pushed the button on investing due to lack of trust in the trader!

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