Covalent — Case Study

Product Design
1 Week
Working files
Final Report → Final Report of the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Testing Script 1 → User testing script for reference
User Testing Script 2 → User testing script for reference
User Testing Notes → User testing notes by one of the collaborators
User Research Summary → Summary to the User Research sessions


Andrej Berlin
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Maria HD
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Bruno Dias
Product Designer
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Georgia Rakusen
User Researcher
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Feedback / Opportunites

1. Design Feedback
The users responded very favourably to the layout, colour-scheme and illustrations. It conveys credibility, professionalism, trust, and feels applicable to the crypto/blockchain space.
    2. Other Improvements for Consideration
    The users want a way to see community discussion. They expect links to Twitter, Discord etc. When we asked the users how they decided on a data provider, they listed the following factors:
    • Price
    • Coverage; how many coins/chains
    • Coverage of end points
    • Responsiveness
    Make sure these are addressed within the landing page/docs.

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