Emrit — Case Study

Product Design
6 Days
Working files
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Research Script → User testing interview script
User Research Summary Analysis and Report


Design Challenges

1. Can we make sure people go through the work of setting up the Coolspot to earn the rewards?

Yes. The setup process is simple and easy to follow for users. There are no major blockers on that journey, the app does a great job in its current state of explaining and guiding. For steps of the flow that have not been prototyped, it is recommended to follow the style and tone of voice used in these designs.

Users are highly motivated to earn rewards, and for some it’s the main point of getting a CoolSpot, so they will be engaged enough to go through the setup process as long as there are no technical hurdles encountered.

However, users who get something for free may be less likely to put in the work and research everything beforehand, so we should expect them to have questions they hadn’t thought about. How many rewards? How can I optimize my CoolSpot? What if I turn it off?

Encouraging people to download and open the app once the Coolspot arrives should be a matter of priority for Emrit.

2. Can we make customers sticky and provide them with value added services in the long run?

Yes. The dashboard, wallet and marketplace are all very intriguing parts of the app. The app is more feature-rich than users expect.

Being able to see their rewards to date is the most valuable piece of information to users. Everything else is a nice to have but could become essential or sticky over time; whether the user wants to hodl or spend their tokens, these needs are serviced by the wallet and marketplace respectively.

“It’s nice to not have to go into other apps to see [crypto] prices if I’m going to this [app] all the time.”  User 4

However the claim rewards feature at the top of the dashboard does not aid stickiness in its current form, as it is missing context for the user. None understood it.

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