Hummingbot GUI

UX Design
6 Days
Working files
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Feedback → User feedback report and evaluation



Product Designer
Charlie Ellington
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Andrej Berlin
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User Researcher
Jim Kosem
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Michael Feng


Carlo P. Las Marias


Yvonne Zhang


Design Process

Design Challenges

1. Can we make orchestration of multiple bots and strategies accessible and understandable?
  • Yes, once we fix a few unclarities.

    When no bots are running it’s not clear that it can show them once they exist. Even though the Bots-panel exists, it seemed ambiguous to most testers whether it contains strategies to work with or bots. Nobody thought it could display actually running bots. Once mentioned, a few testers suggested having basic statistics on their current performance (current trade, recent trade, current spread, status). After creating the first bot, all testers understood how they work, compared to strategies. Editing strategies also worked on a basic level, but we need to adjust the customisability (more on that below).

      2. Can we make sure users are not overwhelmed by the ability hummingbot offers?
      • Yes, definitely.

        Everyone pointed out the ease of use of the interface and how it split the functionalities in the process of creating a bot and running them. Separated panels was a great idea for the Dashboard as well as the Bot Overview, which, in long term also allows customizability for users with more in-depth demands by adding more panels, depending on the need. But the ones we used were a perfect start. The sidebar also turned out to be perfect for a general overview, showing active/inactive bots (although the wording “Bots” seemed to be sightly ambiguous in the beginning, might make more sense as “Active Bots (2/5)” or similar to make sure that it refers to user-created bots and not strategies).

        3. Can we build a mature and helpful community around Hummingbot?
        • Possibly, with a few alterations.

          Overall, everyone said they like the aspect of an active community, which supports each other by creating strategies and modifying existing ones. But, this will very likely not work. Though it seemed interesting to browse, there was no appeal to share strategies (except for self-promoting of an exchange) – the interest was very one-sided. People would consume, but not contribute. There were several problems with a community built on on sharing strategies – everyone preferred to keep strategies to themselves, after having created a successful one. In addition, even if strategies would be shared plentiful, using a single (popular one) could lead to unwanted market manipulation. One approach to increase healthy community interaction would be an overall supporting community (more like Stackexchange) for general help on how to solve problems and tweak bots.

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