Kelly Klee – Creating A Premium Insurance Mobile App

UI and UX Design
10 Days
Working files
Final Report Final report for the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard Online whiteboard with design concepts



Facilitator and User Research
Andrej Berlin
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Prototype Designer
Charlie Ellington
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Jon Kelly

Founder, Kelly Klee

Jacob Hernandez

CTO, Kelly Klee

Jonathan Bowers

Developer, Two Story Robot

Chris Foster

Developer, Two Story Robot

Kasey Luft

Data Engineer, Kelly Klee

Chad DiPrince

Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Klee

Logan Blackburn

Director of Operations, Kelly Klee

Marquitta Jones

Client Relationship Manager, Kelly Klee

Design Process

Project Goal 

In 2 years, successful people just know that signing up with Kelly Klee and downloading their app is The Thing You Do™️ for insurance. Doing anything else draws skeptical looks from friends and family. (Like calling a taxi vs Uber now

Apps are becoming increasingly standard with insurances and other service providers, yet for most it’s not easy to create added value so people keep it on their phone. With our concept, we created something that could actually become a serious companion to people’s insurance and support them in their life. Particularly the “Emergency” section and the “Inventory” were immediately recognised as useful tools, which would make sense for customers to have with them. There are two big reasons in people’s everyday lives for the app:

  1. They might receive or purchase valuable items, which they might want to insure immediately or at least store details, price and potentially the receipt.
  2. Quickly file a claim, get roadside assistance or just reach support.

The feedback was very unambiguous and can help us prioritise the features.

Design Challenges

1. Can we make the app so simple and user-friendly, clients turn to it first rather than a phone call (or email)?


Users will always resort to the easiest and most frictionless way to reach their goals, in this case get support. With the app we have created a structured place for them to get in touch by preempting their intentions and offering an easy way to find what they need. The chat received mixed responses, since some people were happier to talk on the phone while others saw a benefit in being able to multitask while typing. A few testers assumed that they would be able to file a claim in the emergency section, along with other simple tasks. This means that we might simplify the experience even more by prioritising the “Inventory” and “Emergency” section and moving the chat into the latter. Without a chat as the first screen, this would also create a more familiar entry point into the app.

    2. Can we automate communications without sacrificing a concierge experience?


    The app clearly offers the experience of a personal concierge and was interpreted as a companion to the insurance package. By offering as much information as possible within the app that people would otherwise reach for the phone for, we can reduce and automate many instances for customer support requests. Testers were also familiar with chatbots as well as text-conversations with support and since we even offer a direct number to “call Marquitta” it still remains a premium experience.

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