Kelly Klee – Creating A Premium Insurance Onboarding Experience

UI and UX Design
10 Days
Working files
Final Report Final report for the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design Prototype screens for the entire flow



Facilitator and User Research
Andrej Berlin
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Prototype Designer
Charlie Ellington
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Jon Kelly

Founder, Kelly Klee

Jacob Hernandez

CTO, Kelly Klee

Jonathan Bowers

Developer, Two Story Robot

Chris Foster

Developer, Two Story Robot

Kasey Luft

Data Engineer, Kelly Klee

Chad DiPrince

Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Klee

Logan Blackburn

Director of Operations, Kelly Klee

Marquitta Jones

Client Relationship Manager, Kelly Klee

Design Process

Project Goal 

“In two years Kelly Klee will become the premiere spot for wealthy individuals to get a tailored insurance package. Known for an amazing onboarding experience, customer service, and ability to communicate all insurance knowledge to the customer.”

Based on what we designed (and briefly iterated on after a few interviews) the long term goal is very achievable. Everyone appreciated the personalisation of the insurance package and saw how Kelly Klee puts higher emphasis on customer service. We have a very solid blueprint and now know where we provide knowledge and value.

Design Challenges

1.Can we simplify the process and demonstrate differentiated ongoing value tailored to their needs?


All our testers seemed very familiar and comfortable with the interface we designed. We successfully placed continuous bits of value throughout the onboarding process to keep users working towards the final premise – the proposal and quote, tailored to their personal needs. There are several value points:

  • After providing details on their home they see how expensive a lack of insurance could be
  • A basic evaluation of risk factors given the location and environment of the house
  • An overall “risk score” based on all answers from the questionnaire
  • The personal advisor call
  • Quote and proposal with multiple options
  • Personal advisor at an ongoing basis

Continuously supporting and showing users value right from the start is a strong tool to create trust and loyalty. This is something you can use to your advantage by providing as much details and “insider information” as possible. Especially the fist three points from above can be very powerful if the information you give is correct. More on that in the recommendation section below.

    2.Can we make this process something we all LOVE?


    The personal concierge is a very novel concept. As we have seen from the research phase during the sprint, some insurances and aggregators already offer a similar service to improve their customer service, but not to the extent of a personal advisor. Users love the flow and everyone commented on the smooth experience and design. If this flow removes friction on your end, it’s a good match between the work Kelly Klee will have to do, with the ease-of-use on the customers side.

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