Liquity — Case Study

UX Design
2 Weeks
Working files
Final Report → Final report for the Hypersprint
User Testing 1 Script → User testing script before the redesign
User Feedback 1 → User feedback report before the redesign
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Testing 2 Script → User testing script after the redesign
User Feedback 2 → User feedback report and evaluation


Andrej Berlin
Lead Facilitator
Profile →

Georgia Rakusen
User Researcher
Profile →

Sergey Skip
Prototype Designer
Profile →

Tom Jepson
Profile →

Robert Lauko

CEO, Liquity

Bojan Peček

Operations, Liquity

Dániel Attila Simon

Software Engineer, Liquity

Design Challenges

1. Can we create a unique brand relative to competitors? Why to use Liquity over x, y, z?
The updated UI and user flow worked well for users; for those who have a good understanding of Liquity, as well as those with less knowledge. The user mental model is vastly improved as a result of the information on the landing page and throughout the flow, and users have far fewer hesitations at the point of transacting than they did in the first round of testing.  
    2. Can we create a healthy community of supporters, ecosystem projects, etc.?
    It was clear to users what the difference was (the main USPs) between this and similar protocols. For new users, they understood it right away.    
      3. Can we gain trust from the users who all are new to the platform?
      Apart from fundamentals around security, the clear layout and visibility of information helped building a feeling of trust in users.

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