Maple Finance Designing Two Sides of a Corporate Debt Market

Product Design
18 Days
Working files
Final Report Final report for the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Research 1 User Research script 1
User Research 2 User Research script 2
The Deep Work team collaborated with the Maple Finance team to design two-sides of the market place. It started with a Hypersprint to test and validate corporate borrowers. Influenced by the results, we ran a second Hypersprint to design for the ‘pool delegates’ which would manage the funds. The team requested that we used the ANT Design Library to speed up the team’s front-end. So they could launch this product to market as soon as possible.


Product Designer
Charlie Ellington
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Rob Hamblen
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Prototype Designer
Balint Csizmadia
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UX Designer
Tom Van Keer
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Sid Powell

Co-founder, Maple Finance

Joe Flanagan

Co-Founder, Maple Finance

Nick Tong

Product Manager, Maple Finance

Katya Ternopolska

Marketing, Maple Finance

Tom Nash

Developer, FlexDapps

John Quarnstrom

Developer, Maple Finance

Chad Lynch

Tech Lead, Maple Finance

Design Process

Project Goal 

“In two years time Maple has a Billion USD Locked in the protocol because it enabled blockchain corporates to grow significantly… because they were easily able to borrow finance through a trustworthy system … that is faster than traditional/CeFi solutions.”

Design Challenges

1. Can we make pool delegates feel like performing the role is worth the time and effort?
Yes. The great UI for negotiating with borrowers, and providing all the intel the Pool Delegate needs to make an informed decision goes a long way to giving the impression that being a Pool Delegate is worth the time and effort. Especially when the economics are understood.  However, Maple should explore ways to give this impression to users earlier in the journey. Some of the users we spoke to had misconceptions of what a Pool Delegate would need to do, and these are users who already know more than most about Maple. The precise roles and responsibilities of the Delegate need to be reinforced to the user before they apply, in order to boost adoption. If the application process is too lengthy/weighty, adoption will be slower unless users can already be confident it will be worth their time.
    2. Can we encourage and enable enough information sharing to provide both sides enough comfort and trust to close a transaction?
    Mostly. Borrowers and Pool Delegates understand the need for them to share privileged information about themselves for counterparties to trust them (for Maple/LPs to trust Pool Delegates, and for Pool Delegates to trust Borrowers). Where this gets tricky is around encouraging the share of sensitive financial information, and in being able to verify that the counterparty is who they say they are. 

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