Metafactory — Case Study

Product Design
2 Weeks
Working files
Final Report → Final Report of the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Testing Script → User testing script for reference


Andrej Berlin
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Charlie Ellington
Prototype Designer
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Bertie Corrie
Product Designer
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Georgia Rakusen
User Researcher
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Design Challenges

1. Can we prevent production process from being too complicated / nuanced to be able to automate / templatize?

Yes. The current interface creates a lot of transparency over the process and is a clear improvement over Discord.
Users had a few questions about the management, like who would take care of the manufacturing process.

2. Can we stop ideas getting too diluted, overwhelming, getting lost?

Yes. Although it could benefit from a few UX fixes related to the ordering of items on the list.
Users noticed the filter and pointed it out for being a very helpful tool, especially by brand and creator they like.
More visual indicators (brand icon, creator logo, product preview) could make scanning and selecting easier.

    3. Can we prevent the game theory curation from not working out and resulting in everyone abusing the same “strategy”? As a result, the best and most innovative ideas don’t make it to the top?
    Difficult to predict and relies on the incentive and compensation structure.
    Most testers seemed to be good actors and not interested in manipulating the market. They would browse for what is being curated by the collective and perceived the curation process as fair.
    Ways to game the system:
      • Asking Drew (avoid nepotism)
      • Shilling on social media (introduce randomness or highlight less known artists)
      • Reverse engineering the prioritisation algorithm (less applicable here)

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