NIFTEX — Case Study

Product Design
2 Weeks
Desktop & Mobile
Working files
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design (smartphone) → Prototype smartphone screens for the entire flow
Prototype Design (desktop) → Prototype desktop screens for the entire flow
User Testing → User testing interview script
User Feedback → User feedback summary



Georgia Rakusen
User Researcher
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Andrej Berlin
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Sergey Skip
Prototype Designer
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Joël Hubert

Co-Founder, NIFTEX.com

Design Challenges

1. Can we educate users throughout the flow to maintain growth and increase the user base?

Yes. The right information is provided at the right time. Users feel in control at every step.

Combining the exchange directly into the asset view makes it clear to the user what can be done on the page. There were no significant blockers to use based on this user testing, but there are some improvements that can be made in terms of education to increase adoption.

2. Can we optimize the visual representation and aesthetic attractiveness to increase attention, volume and liquidity?

Yes. The new design works very well for users. Users described it as a major improvement.

3. Can we make people understand how they can benefit from fractionalising their NFTs?

Maybe. All the users we spoke to were already familiar with the concept and in favour of it, as they are already users of the current platform, or know the company. It’s advised that we test with people who are into creating or trading NFTs but have never heard of fractionalising them to user test the next iteration of the design.

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