Pancake Swap  Case Study

UX Design
6 Days
Working files
User Feedback 1 → User feedback report and evaluation before the redesign
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
Prototype Walkthrough → Prototype video walkthrough
User Feedback 2 → User feedback report and evaluation after the redesign



Jim Kosem
User Researcher
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Andrej Berlin
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Sergey Skip
Prototype Designer
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Design Process

Design Challenges

1. Can we solve inconsistent terminology (flip, add liquidity, pool) while balancing industry standard and personality?

Yes. Any previous confusion with terminology looks to have been solved by using LP which all users understood right away or after a couple of seconds of looking at the screen where it was used.


  • Continue to use the same terminology as before, but perhaps provide some additional text explaining, for example that LP is a token
2. Can we guide users through the PancakeSwap process with them doing the right thing at the right time?

For the most part users did understand the process, largely having internalised it through using other swaps, but did not encounter any surprises and were comfortable with the flow. There were some comments about the flow diagram menu and wanting to see a clearer order of events.


  • Consider an FAQ with more flow diagrams of typical scenarios
  • Provide a quick tutorial just in case for new users
  • Experiment with a menu in ordered list format, explicitly showing numbered steps
3. How might people understand the basic concepts of how the PancakeSwap works?

Users did understand the basics of PancakeSwap and how it worked, because they’ve all had previous experience with swaps and exchanges. Most participants mentioned that it might be harder for someone not familiar with swaps or crypto exchanges to understand what is going on.


  • Have more information or walk-throughs for new users to the project
  • Create an equally fun experience for inexperienced users to get started

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