PlotX – Designing New Feature’s and Improving the User Experience

UX Design
7 Days
Working files
Final Report Final report for the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design Prototype screens for the entire flow


Malcolm Cannon  
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Product Designer
Charlie Ellington
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Prototype Design
Sergey Skip

Ish Goel

CEO, PlotX

Nitika Goel

CTO, PlotX

Kartic Rakhra

CMO, PlotX

Bhavya Narula

Business Dev, PlotX

Design Process

Project Goal 

In two years time PlotX will be the most used financial tool catering to both short term players for immediate gain because users can clearly understand the rewards, have a playful experience at every stage of the user experience and are part of an engaged community. And institutional investors for hedging risk join in the long term.

Design Challenges

1. Can we make the prediction experience as enjoyable, and easy to understand as possible?

Yes. The user flow is intuitive for users. They’re able to progress quickly from choosing a market, assessing that market, to making a prediction. There is no substantial friction on this journey, and the clean layout and ample market information gives them confidence. There are still opportunities to improve the enjoyability and stickiness of the platform.

    2. Can we make the onboarding smooth enough that we don’t lose any users?

    Yes, but: Understanding is reduced at the point where users must stake tokens to make a prediction. This introduces concepts to them that they may not be expecting, creating cognitive load. The design does a good job of hand-holding the user through this, but there are some optimisations that can still be made.

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