SourceCred — Case Study

Product Design
2 Weeks
Working files
Final Report → Final Report of the Hypersprint
Collaborative Whiteboard → Online whiteboard with design concepts
Prototype Design → Prototype screens for the entire flow
User Testing Script → User testing script for reference


Andrej Berlin
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Bálint Csizmadia
Prototype Designer
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Georgia Rakusen
User Researcher
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Hypersprint/User Testing Overview


We tested the prototype with 5 users, some with good familiarity of the goals of Creditor, and some without much exposure to it.

In general, response from users was very positive. The process of voting and creating new contributions was felt to be very intuitive, and users greatly preferred it over the current method of giving Cred.

There were no major blockers to use, however there are improvements that can be made, especially for new users to SourceCred.

    Further Considerations

    Users who were skeptical of the current method of giving contributors cred (through emojis on Discord) are likely come to Creditor with that skepticism. Consider how the benefits of Creditor are communicated to the wider community.

    Users could also see how this product works well for developer tasks, but there were still questions about its suitability for harder-to-evaluate activities. One user described it as a good replacement for ‘didathing’ but not a replacement for ‘props.’ How might someone reward someone else for their work through this system?

    Along with users wanting to see how the contributions relate to one another, some of them were still unsure about the scope of Creditor.

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