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Ethereum Foundation

Released the ETH2.0 staking interface at highest UX security standards in record time on a super tight budget.

Total project duration: 10 days


Shipped four different projects within a few weeks. We worked on the innovation, prototyping and user testing.

Time per project: 6 days

Ramp Instant

Dramatically increased their conversion rate and won “Best UX in DeFi” at Devcon 5.

Total project duration: 6 days


Aligned their team on a specific product within two days and designed a prototype from scratch. Also created a visual identity and component library.

Total project duration: 10 days


Found product-market fit, tested new features before implementing and re-designed the entire Liquidity Mining interface.

Time per project: 10 days


Validated their idea and shifted product strategy within a week by prototyping, designing and user tesing an MVP.

Total project duration: 6 days

People-focused and process-oriented

Our tools and processes put people first. This ensures every minute of our work together to be meaningful – giving results in days rather than months.

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The Hypersprint

Connect with your team to create, prototype and validate a product concept – in only 6 days.

Rapid Meetings

The full guide to structured collaboration, including templates and examples.

Mental Health Check-in

Keep stress and burnout your team at bay with this simple daily check-in.

Fast User Testing

A complete step-by-step guide on how to choose testers, set up, run interviews and interpret the feedback. Literally everything.

Meeting Legos

Use these blocks to structure and customise interactive meetings.

Our Thoughts

Shifting to remote work has been turbocharged, will you be a winner or a loser?
Shifting to remote work has been turbocharged, will you be a winner or a loser?

The current climate has shown the businesses around the world the unthinkable was possible — employees can work from home or away from a central office. It’s got the potential to ruin productivity, creativity and employee health and wellbeing. A recent opinion piece in the Guardian was titled — “Coronavirus is giving us a glimpse of the future of work — and it’s a nightmare”.

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The future of crowd sourced global problem solving
The future of crowd sourced global problem solving

On February 19th we ran an experiment — what if we guide several teams at the same time through Deep Work Sprints, with each time working on a similar problem? In the following I will describe how we did it, what the results look like and how we can scale Deep Work Sprints into infinity, thus creating a structure for solving very high-stake problems in a short amount of time with very little resources.

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How to prototype anything in one day
How to prototype anything in one day

If you think that building a prototype to test your idea is difficult, requires a lot of resources or a skilled team, you might be right. But building prototypes for nearly anything for the last two years I found a few ways to make the right compromises, even if you don’t have a high end production studio.

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